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Korbin Davis Racer Page




     From: Delta, Colorado

     Bikes: GasGas 300xc

     Class: Open or 250 Pro

     Series: Endurocross, WEBE, and in
     2019 I will hit some
     Big 6, GNCC, RMEC, and Hare and

     Experience: racing 13 years

     Sponsors: Perris Powersports of
     Highland cycles, Flow vision goggles,
     defy graphics, FIXT products




How old were you when you got your first bike and what was it: I was about 4 years old and went to one of the Grand Junction Supercross races. I made a deal with my parents, if I could tie my shoes and ride my pedal bike, they would get me a dirt bike. The bike I got was a Franco Morini 50. 


What has been your biggest accomplishment in racing: Being almost undefeated in three different A classes for an endurocross series with some of the best racers in Colorado was a big deal for me. 


What has been your biggest challenge in racing: My biggest challenge with racing is nothing is promised. One day you’re out front and the track is perfect and you’re just having fun doing what you love, while some days it can feel like a chore to race dirtbikes when you’re in the back of the pack and the track isn’t as nice as you want it and you get into your head. 


Do you have a training routine: Any training I do revolves around conditioning more than strength, due to the fact with endurocross and extreme enduros you have to go longer rather than harder. 


What are your future plans: My future plans are to go back east and compete in some GNCC in the 200 class along with racing the Tennessee knockout, hare and hound and more. 


Is there anyone you'd like to thank for your accomplishments: Of course!  I'd like to thank my parents for shaping me into who I am and what I do, I mean without them I wouldn’t be here! I’d also like to thanks Morgan spradling and Javier Gonzalez with highland cycles for helping me out so much. One man that sticks out more than anything to me is Jason Leasure. Without him I wouldn’t be racing and I would never be racing endurocross. Jason put on not only some of the best endurocross, but some of the best racing hands down and taught me a new sport I have chased for the past few years. 


Other hobbies: Pedaling, working older vehicles and equipment, and welding. 


Favorite place to ride: I love my track more than any place on this world because I can change what I want when I want and make it so challenging that I have problems doing a single lap. 


Favorite riders: My favorite riders are Colton Haaker and Ty Davis due to them being so all around good on dirtbikes. They can race Supercross, motocross, endurocross, and enduro all in one day. 


If you could be pro at any other sport what would it be: Trials riding for sure, those guys can do some sweet stuff!